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xGenius has 8 inches

xGenius Full Control in substations

xGenius, a tester specifically designed for Utilities, is equipped with all the features engineers need to Install / Maintain Tele-protection, Transmission and Synchronization resources deployed in sub-station by means of C37.94, PTP with Power Profile, Double Port 10GbE, Co/Contra-directional, DTE / DCE from 50 b/s to 2.048 Mb/s, T1/E1 and One-Way-Delay in all interfaces.

C37.94, 10G/s, T1/E1, SyncE, PTP, Datacom, Jitter/Wander

Toolbox for the Power industry

xGenius is indicated to manage communication and protection mechanisms deployed in sub-stations because xGenius has all engineers need to turn-up and monitor these infrastructures.

The automation of the power grid requires timing for applications such as peak-hour billing, virtual energy management, protection failures control and to correlate energy generation/demand. Phasors with PTP is the key element for timing while clocks that are deployed across the power grids due to its distributed nature.

The reliability of transmission links for protection relays is critical then they have to be resilient to the effects of high-volt / high-freq inductions and ground potential rise. This is why utilities have moved to optical media to connect the different items collocated in substations.

Case studies

  • (OPERATIONS) 'we need a compact tester must turn-up the GbE network that also support PTP with Power Profile'
  • (FINANCE) 'Budget also includes an appliance to verify how it all works'
  • (MANAGEMENT) 'engineers must be confident to troubleshoot all technologies deployed at the substation'
  • (ENGINEER) 'migration towards C37.94 has been decided but T1/E1 links are still in use'
  • (LAB) 'Prepare a PTP Master/Slave emulator to verify the clocks I'm concerned if wander reaching the limit'
  • (POWER) 'we need accurate measurements an OWD in the Ethernet, Datacom, C37.94 and T1 interfaces'

Features and Benefits

Built with latest technology it is a light while rugged tester that facilitates many hours of continuous operation.

  • Ports: SFP+, 2RJ45, 2BNC, RJ48, 4xSMA, 2xSS26
  • I/O time references: 10/2/1.5 Mb/s, SyncE, 1 pps, ToD, GNSS
  • Internal Oscillator: Rubidium, OCXO
  • PTP master / slave
  • SyncE/PTP wander analysis/generation
  • FULL T1/E1 test Jitter/Wander, Pulse
  • One-Way Delay test (GNSS accuracy)
  • Datacom: V11, V24, V35, V36, EIA530, EIA530A, Co-dir
  • C37.94 analysis/generation
  • SNMP/MIB support


Dear Customer,

ALBEDO xGenius is a field and lab tool built in a rugged case.The unit is supplied with all the interfaces then any option can be activated with a simple code. For technicians responsible of the installation, commissioning and maintenance of communication infrastructures this test set provides valuable insight and simplifies complex issues by illustrating the full network picture.

Kind Regards,

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