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Year 7 - Vol IV

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2018' Portfolio: PTP clocks, Panoramic testers

In 2018 ALBEDO has announced product availability of a new test & measurement platform to improve its footstep in Field Testing now offering several solutions equipped with (a) built-in Rubidium clock, (b) a new 1pps measurement solution, (c) a new family of PTP network clocks, (d) a brand new T1 / E1 tester, (e) a new VoIP turn-up solution that includes IPBX and SIP trunk emulation. The full portfolio that you will have the opportunity to see and touch includes Synchronization labs, WAN emulators, handy taps, stream2disk devices, Ethernet and C37.94 testers.

Heavy duty Solutions

ALBEDO Telecom is ready and willing to help you to design, install and maintain PTP, GbE, SyncE, VoIP, IPTV, T1, E1 infrastructures that support voice, video and data applications:

  • Testers: 10GbE, 1GbE, T1, E1, Datacom, xDSL, PTP, SyncE, VoIP, OTDR, C37.94
  • Network clocks: Rubidium, PTP GrandMaster, Boundary, Slave
  • VoIP: Service turn-up, VoIP acceptance lab, testers
  • Taps: field GbE hand-held taps
  • Packet Capture: stream to disk appliances
  • WAN emulator: hand-held at wirespeed
  • QoS & SLA: QoS assurance, 1-way delay, 1PPS measurements
  • Labs: Synchronization, EMC, VoIP, IPTV, GPON, xDSL
  • Insulation Multimeter: IEC61010 CATIII 600V



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Dear Customer:

We understand how essential networking is to your business and how difficult it is to achieve the Service and Quality you need. We can help you to make the right decisions by means of products and services that certify the quality of your network and to ensure that your investment is well protected.


Kind Regards,

Sales Director

Americas: contact Mike at
tel: +1 647 233 7353

Europe: contact Ramon at
tel: +34 610 292 763

India: contact Prem at
tel: +91-98110 55459

Switzerland: contact Silvan at
tel: +41 (0)31 853 14 56

UK: : contact Julian at
tel: +44 (0) 1865 601008

RoW: contact ALBEDO at

x G E N I U S
(Panoramic test)

N E T . S Y N C
(Synchronization appliance)

(2x10GbE tester)

N E T . S H A R K
(hand-held tap)

N E T . S T O R M
(wan emulator)

V O I P . M A S T E R
(Service turn-up)

N E T . H U N T E R
(capture tap)

A T . 2 0 4 8
(E1 tester)

A T . O N E
(T1, E1 tester)

E T H E R . S Y N C
(synce tester)

E T H E R . G I G A
(gbe  tester)

E T H E R. G E N I U S

M E T R O . I S O

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