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Year 9 - Vol I

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xGenius has 8 inches
Come to see us @ MWC'19

ALBEDO Telecom will demonstrate its latest achievements during the MWC exhibition (Barcelona, Feb.25th / 28th, 2019) in Synchronization technologies including new Clocks, Testers, Taps and Emulators. We can help to keep phase and frequency under control which is fundamental for the deployment of new infrastructures in key industries such as Telecoms, Utilities, Broadcasting, Finance, Transport and Defense that are using critical timing systems.

Synchronization, testers and clocks for PTP

Synchronization & Transmission

ALBEDO Telecom, which has always been recognized for its excellence in telecom solutions, presents its new range of high technology products:

  • Sync Testers: 10GbE, 1GbE, E1/T1, 1pps, GNSS, SyncE, PTP, MTIE, TDEV, FPC, TE
  • Master clock: 500 PTP clients, Rubidium, GNSS, multiple time references
  • Teleprotection: C37.94 test/emulatation, BER, G.821, 1-way Delay, Ethernet, IP
  • OTDR: Metro.OTDR from one to four wavelengths, long haul and FTTH
  • Taps: field GbE hand-held agreggation tap
  • Packet Capture: stream to disk at wirespeed full duplex capture
  • WAN emulator: 1G/s, hand-held, 16+16 filters and virtual zero delay
  • QoS & SLA: loss, error, delay, jitter, order
  • Labs: Synchronization, VoIP, IPTV, GPON
  • TR-069: Protocol validator
  • Multimeters: Insulation-Resistance, Capacitance, AC / DC Voltage, Cable test
  • VoIP: iPBX service turn-up, IP trunk testing

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ALBEDO: Booth 6K21 - Hall 6


US / Canada: contact Mike
mob: (647)233-7353
tel: (305)847-9059

America Latina: contact Marcelo
tel: +593 999 707 159

Brasil: contact Aderito
tel: +55 11 5051 1578

UK: contact Julian
tel: +44 (0) 1865 601008

Germany/Austria/Switzerland: contact Silvan
tel: +41 71 910 03 78

India: contact Prem
tel: +91-98110 55459

Europe: contact Ramon
tel: +34 610 292 763

Middle East: contact Tarek
tel: +34 655 449 589

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A T . 2 0 4 8
(E1 tester)

A T . O N E
(T1/E1 tester)

E T H E R10.G E N I U S
(2x10GbE tester)

E T H E R . G E N I U S

E T H E R . G I G A
(gbe tester)

M E T R O . 6 9
(TR-069 validator)

M E T R O . I S O

N E T . A U D I T
(sla monitoring)

N E T . H U N T E R
(capture tap)

N E T . S H A R K
(hand-held tap)

N E T . S T O R M
(wan emulator)

N E T . S Y N C
(Synchronization appliance)

V O I P . M A S T E R
(Service turn-up)

x G E N I U S
(synce tester)

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