Ether.Genius features in PTP

Keeping phase and frequency under control is critical to ensuring PTP synchronization in LTE, Power Grid and other industries. This tester has a number of stunning, and absolutely unusual, features for a field instrument such as the simultaneous testing of PTP and SyncE. The results are presented in a clear and conclusive way with PASS / FAIL masks that can be exported to standard formats.

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IP-PBX and VoIP turn-up

VoIP.Master offers support for VoIP turn-up and maintenance. It can verify VoIP infrastructure allowing users to test and ensure the operation and performance of VoIP networks and equipment. It can emulate an IPBX, making multiple VoIP calls ensuring the trunk is operational and performing to pre-agreed SLA. VoIP.Master can also emulate a SIP network allowing VoIP equipment to be tested without the need for an operational network.

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TradeEvents (2017)

San Diego (US)
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Feb 8-10
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Barcelone (Europe)
Feb 27 - Mar 2
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Singapore (Asia)
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Testing IEEE C37.94 interface

Ether.Genius & Ether10.Genius provide an integrated test set to verify teleprotection mecanisms of power substations using C37.94 by means of nx64kb/s streams generation, BER, G.821 performance, Event detection/insertion, Round Trip Delay, One-way Delay with GPS, Frequency (Hz), dev. (ppm), max dev., Optical Power Meter and Multi/Single mode SFPs that can be integrated in the unit.
Power Utilities

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