xGenius: Transmission & Synchronization tester

xGenius is an advanced platform to set up transmission and synchronization infrastructures. It is equipped with a large 8' capacitive touch-screen to facilitate configuration, test execution and results interpretation. xGenius has multiple testing ports and time reference combinations to match most of the customers requirements needed to design, install and maintain Ethernet/IP/TCP/UDP, PTP, SyncE, T1/E1, C37.94 and Datacom infrastructures of Power Utilities, LTE/5G operators, Air Traffic Control, and Financial institutions. xGenius can emulate PTP master/slave clocks, measure and generate wander, measure one-way delay assisted by GPS, and verify packet delay variation in all interfaces. It has never been so straightforward the use of such a powerful tester.

A built-in Rubidium clock allows very accurate measurements in hold-over mode.

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IEC61850 formats & protocols

As result of the standardization process in the Smart Power Grid a critical standard was released the IEC 61850 that defines a set of Ethernet-based protocols to be used by power devices to exchange data , send commands , measure values and get synchronized.

IEC-61850 Substation

This presentation provides an overview of the IEC 61850 standard , substation architectures, synchronization, communication protocols, protection schemes, fault-torerant networks and testing .

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