Net.Storm WAN simulator

This appliance is able to simulate any traffic conditions to check how tolerant your installation is to degradations such as packet delay, errors, losses, bandwidth variations, traffic shaping or traffic policing. For example, you can check the performance of PTP protocol in an LTE installation and observe the consequences in terms of MTIE and TDEV when asymmetric delays or packet jitter occurs.
the smallest WAN emulator

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Ether.Genius features in PTP

Keep frequency impairments under control is key to ensure PTP synchronization in LTE and Power Grid and other telecom architectures. The tester permits awesome features, unusual for handy units, such as simultaneous wander tests of PTP and SyncE in real-time with clear results in tables and graphics that include a lot of masks to support the PASS/FAIL criteria.

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Testing IEEE C37.94 interface

Ether.Genius & Ether10.Genius provide an integrated test set to verify teleprotection mecanisms of power substations using C37.94 by means of nx64kb/s streams generation, BER, G.821 performance, Event detection/insertion, Round Trip Delay, One-way Delay with GPS, Frequency (Hz), dev. (ppm), max dev., Optical Power Meter and Multi/Single mode SFPs that can be integrated in the unit.
Power Utilities

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What's up

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Feb 8-10
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Feb 27 - Mar 2
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